The moments I spend with eyes closed,
Are the moments spent with you.
Yes, that’s is where we live in happiness,
Oh, Prince of my Dreams…

We skip through those green meadows,
Chasing butterflies, giggling in joy.
You my best friend, my great chum,
Hand in hand, in bliss we fly.
In my Dreams…

I become your kid and snuggle beside you,
Sleeping in your arms, with a smile on my lips.
You ruffle my hair, and kiss my forehead,
And drown me in the joy of your love.
In my Dreams….

You are the teddy in my room,
Whom I hug ‘n kiss all while.
You are that cute companion,
With whom I share tears ‘n smile.
In my Dreams…

But once I open my eyes I find,
You are nowhere in sight…
My open eyes keep searching for you,
Through the bright day and dark night.

My Dreams may never come true, my Wishes never fulfilled
But still I Dream, and I’ll continue to Dream.
Coz, no matter what happens in the world outside,
My Prince, My Dreams are all my own.

By Yamini Vijendran Posted in Songbird

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