The Metaphor

Oh moon of my night, Oh light of my life,
You smile from the sky above,
And drench me in torrents of love.

So near, and yet so far,
I reach out to stroke your milky face,
But its only air my fingers can trace.

Sometimes clouds hide your radiance,
How I wish I could clear them away,
Bring back your glow, drive off the grey.

And when you smile bright and radiant,
How I wish I could admire you forever,
Basking in your milky moonlight, and stop never.

Oh moon of my life, did you ever realize,
That your real abode is not these high skies,
But in the depths of my heart, your loving soul lies?

By Yamini Vijendran Posted in Songbird

2 comments on “The Metaphor

  1. Let me be honest. I do not normally read poems. Simply because they make me feel like a lesser mortal. Because I know I’ll never be able to write them. But I simply had to read this one. And there is a lot of emotion encompassed within those words, that I can actually feel them. I have a question though. Was the image added after you wrote the poem, or was your poem based on the image?


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