From my school days I used to wonder, how did life originate? The biology text books say, the earliest life forms originated by the fusion of the important elements, nitrogen, phosphorous, carbon, in the presence of water, and lightening. Ok, but what made them all to be present together at the same place, at the same time? What caused that lightening to flash, which fused these elements into the life compounds? Was it just chance? A quirk of fate? Or was it something else? What was there when life was not there? Before earth? Before the Solar System, the Galaxy, the universe? What was there before that time zero?
The Nothing. And what made the universe bloom out of this nothingness?
I had been to Parthi many times, but didnt get a chance to visit the Chinmaya Jyothi Museum till 2004. And when I visited it, what do I find? The very answer to the question that had been inside me for so many years! A more satisfying answer than any biology text book or any science journal could give me!
The answer to this question has been given in our Vedas, much much earlier than any scientist found out. It is so beautifully translated in this video. The video says, Bhagwan willed, and immediately, mountains rose, rivers started running… The doubting Thomas would ask, “Ha. how can mountains raise in a minute! Havent we read in our science that they take hundreds and thousands of years to form?” But that answer is just as obvious. The hundreds or thousands of earth years are nothing but minutes or seconds in the Universe (remember the theory of light years?). The Vedas say, for God, 400000 earth years equal half a day!
This is a wonderful video, which says, no matter what caste or creed or religion we belong to, our origin is the same. From the Nothingness we came, and into the Nothingness we shall merge. Everything else is intermediary, temporary.
This video also depicts, how Bhagwan gave the senses of vision, sound, touch, smell to all beings, but the sense of discrimination, only to Humans. He gave the facility to know about and seek Him, only to the Human Mind. Man without this Humanity, is but an Animal.
Let’s not try to comprehend the incomprehensible. Let us just understand his divine love. His sweet care. The care of the Divine Mother Sai (or whatever manner you perceive Him). Come, let’s merge in his nectarine Love.

So, what do you think?

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