Where art thou!

Oh Inspiration! Where art thou!

You strike at odd hours,

When the whistle of my cooker screams,

When I lullaby my little one to dreams,

When clothes are being hung out to dry,

Or pakoras being readied to fry.

You catch me unawares,

When I cannot catch you,

and sculpt you with the tool of my words.

I try hard to confine you within my brain

To not forget and chisel you into into shape,

But when I sit down to do just that task,

You vanish like you never existed.

And I am left facing the calm after a storm,

The silence that comes when birds have flown away.

The clean slate that contains no traces of your stay.

Oh Inspiration! Come to me once more,

For together we have a lot to explore.

I want to soar those skies on your wings,

And relish the joy developing you brings.

Oh Inspiration! Where art thou!

By Yamini Vijendran Posted in Songbird

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