Diwali Nostalgia

As I ride behind my husband in the bike, with the son sandwiched between us, I gaze at the twinkling lights dotting the houses lined along the road. Homes, shops, even chai-walas, are adorned with rows and rows of serial lights, all dancing to different tunes, and huge paper lanterns in different shapes hanging in the middle. It is Diwali time, and the lights that came up a couple of days prior to Diwali are bound to remain put at least till the New Year. A whole month of happy lights!

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2 comments on “Diwali Nostalgia

  1. That was such a beautiful walk down memory lane. And as you so rightly point out, each successive generation misses out on the crowds, the bon homie and the camraderie that the previous generations shared with their siblings and cousins. Today, it is the age of Skype calls and Google Hangouts, when in our days, all we had were these festivals and other family functions when all us cousins and uncles and aunts could get together and have a blast!!!


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