Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki

My friend is going to be married soon. However, trouble has already started brewing for him. His mother is leaving no stone overturned to establish who is the primary woman in the family. The bride had chosen a designer sari to be worn for the reception, as do all girls normally, and as have his sisters done during their marriages, but the to-be-mom-in-law shot down the plans by declaring that the girl should wear the silk sari that she has got for her, no arguments, even as the bride gulped down her disappointment. When the groom tried to reason with the mother, she responded with a, “This is my wish and this is how things are done in our family. I won’t say more than this.” Poor boy, was all I could say.

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2 comments on “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki

  1. My opinion is that the conflict arises from the fact that both the mother and the wife want the husband for themselves, but neither of them realizes that the husband is trying his best not to ignore his past, or the future, while trying to keep the present as sane as possible 😉 Nice post


    • True Jairam. As I said in the post, the husband either goes insane trying to strike a balance between both sides, or maintains his sanity by letting them both rip each other apart and maintaining a distance from the squabbles. 🙂


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