A Home After My Own Heart

They say, home is where the heart is. A place where you can come to when you want to find warmth, love and peace. A place, that is only the next best thing to your mother’s womb. So it is not surprising that we all go starry eyed when we think of our ‘dream home’. For the longest time, I too yearned for that ‘dream home’, which looked not very unlike the houses featured in glossy magazines and on the hundreds of websites that claim to enlighten you about the best look for your home. I had a vivid picture of my dream house in my mind’s eye. A house with ornate ceilings, plush furniture, vintage bookshelves, royal colors… the list was endless.

However, not all of us are princes and princesses, and not all of us get to live in palatial bungalows with rooms as big as tennis courts. Like any average Indian middle class family, we considered ourselves very fortunate to be able to buy a 1000 sq ft 2 BHK apartment, in the heart of the city. After the initial excitement over at last having a place for ourselves, and settling in, started the debate about painting and decorating the house. I, fresh out of college and into a job, was full of ideas and eager to go on a huge shopping spree. My father, retirement edging near him and with a light purse as a result of the new investment, was very wary (and that is actually an understatement). We debated and argued and finally reached a consensus, agreeing for a phased decoration plan. And so started the slow but steady process of realizing the dream of my dream home.

Today, cut forward to around 8 years later, I stand at the portal of another dream home, my very own. As I get ready to embark on another Mission Interiors, I look back at my maternal home and what it has become now. It is the coziest place on Earth for me still, and the place I will always turn to when blues tend to cloud over. However, the experience of decorating that home has brought forth a few valuable gems of wisdom. While doing up my mamma’s home, we did a lot of things right, but there were some things that we could have done better. Now, equipped with all those learnings, I begin working on my new home. Here are few things I will bear in mind this time around, to make my home, the best one to live in, for me.

1. Mind the Size When Filling up Space


Courtesy: Asian Paints

One of the biggest mistakes I did the first time around was to buy furniture that were a tad too big for the rooms we had. Especially, I bought a huge teak wood 3 + 2 seater, with a square side table and a rectangular center table. Given the size of our living room, the sofa covered almost the entire wall, leaving no room for the side table or the centre table. To this day, these two add ons serve as bedside table and dumping yards inside the bedrooms. Hence it is essential to bear in mind the dimensions of the room you are furnishing when you go furniture shopping.

2. Wait Before the Make Up


Courtesy: superiordrywall.biz

I mean make up for the walls, i.e painting the house. This is a wisdom acquired from my father and the artisans who came to do the painting work at our house. Many people paint their house immediately after it has been built, but it is usually wise to give the house a couple of years at least before painting it. The reason being, when the walls, both external and internal, are exposed to the various seasons, all the cracks and inconsistencies on them show up. After a good 2 or 3 years, when all the inconsistencies have been exposed, you can get workers to scrub off the putty and reapply it, and then paint the walls as you please. By this time, the walls would have settled down well, and in all probability, you will not see another crack appear on those painstakingly painted walls thereafter. After all, it does stab at heart if you see cracks coming up on the walls you spent so much time and effort to paint, doesn’t it?

3. Choose the Color that Fits You and Your Home, Best


Courtesy: Asian Paints

Now, this is the most important one, for you have to live with the colors you choose for years. So there is no choice but to give them a good, long and hard thought. The color you choose would probably reflect your mood and attitude, but be sure it also fits the size of your house. The general rule is, darker colors give a cozy warm look, while lighter shades give the illusion of more space. Hence, if your rooms are small, you could go for light colors to make them look bigger, whereas you can give darker shades on the walls of bigger rooms to give them a cozy look. The amount of natural light presence in the room is also a factor to be considered. If a room receives less natural light, then applying dark colors on its wall would end up making the room more dark.

This is where an ally like ย Asian Paints Home Solutionsย comes handy. A look at their website and you will realize what a treasure trove of information it is. You get to learn a great deal about the colors, and the art of mixing them to get a unique look for your home. You can even test the colors online for your walls and see if they fit your sensibilities and your purse, thanks to the wonderful tools they offer. Or you can always call their representatives home so that they can advise you on the best plan for your dream home, within your budget. Since the colors on the wall speak a great deal about the person who lives within them, one would do better to take the advise of an expert in choosing them, so that they reflect exactly what one wants them to. I for one, am going to be calling Asian Paints as soon as the home completes another year of ‘weathering’.

The words ‘My Home’ do evoke a warm fuzzy feeling inside anyone. I am sure, it will also fill me with more pride when I am on the other side of this ‘doing up business’. My mind may ogle over those glossy pictures in the magazines, but my heart knows what my home should be like, and that is what my home will be like. After all, home is where the heart is.

This post was written for the Asian Paints Home Blogger Contest.

6 comments on “A Home After My Own Heart

  1. Yamini, very sound advice indeed. Patience in building a home is of utmost importance. Keeping account of the space, even more so. Colours can go horribly wrong if not chosen right. A very well defined post, indeed. Good luck for the contest.


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