ASUS T100 – My Dream Companion

They say, you realize the importance of something only when it becomes inaccessible to you. That day, I was sitting so close to you, trying to judge you based on your capabilities and that of the other contenders. Compared to the attractive features others presented, you seemed less interesting to me. My confidante advised me not to go by fancy promises, and look for substance, but alas! My eyes were blinded with the rose colored world the other contenders seemed to offer. I ended up turning my back on you and falling for those charms.

And from then on, there does not pass a single day when I don’t rue my decision. Oh why! Just oh why did I let myself get carried away. Why did I not see those promises for what they were – just fake baits to do in gullible minds such as mine. Why did I not realize how much I will miss you in the months to come, and how the one I chose would repeatedly betray me in the very moments I needed him most.

That fateful day, I picked up a standard laptop over a remarkably light and svelte ASUS, one my husband was feverishly pitching for, going by the only criteria that the former had a DVD drive while the latter did not. I was then a new mother, and my capacity to think beyond one day and into the future was at an all time low. I did not have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. At that time, all that mattered was I had to look after my newborn, and when he slept, watch movie CDs and DVDs that I had so eagerly collected.

However, sense soon got the better of me. The urge to make my time more meaningful drove me to wander through the internet like a lost soul looking for its savior. For me, the savior came in the form of something that was always within me, my writing. I started writing fiction, took up a few freelancing assignments, wrote and published a couple of stories and a novella, and soon, my thoughts started going back to ASUS.

The laptop I have does serve my purpose, to be fair, but its battery SUCKS full time. From a back up time of 6 hrs, it came down to 3 then 1, and now, there is absolutely no backup. I have to keep it plugged constantly, and when the power fails, immediately does the lappy. For someone who spends her whole day writing, or constantly chasing deadlines, this is the biggest handicap. I look back at the ASUS net book with eyes full of yearning. It had 10 hrs of battery back up. 10 magnificent hours! Imagine! If only it were mine, I would not have to worry about power ever in my life.


I have always dreamed of being able to sit in open spaces and write. Gardens, roadside benches, cafes – locations that offer such fantastic insights to human behavior and stimulate my senses like no other. Alas again, with the laptop I have, I am tied to my desk. Even if the battery was fine, the notebook is so heavy and heats up so quickly that it would be more of a pain carrying it around.

My laptop’s DVD drive was my biggest motivation in buying it back then. Ironically, the drive doesn’t work anymore and nor do I have much interest in watching DVDs nowadays. And when my son or me watch any videos online, or from the hard disk, the laptop simply goes into mutiny, abruptly shutting off with no explanation. So much for ‘rose colored world’ and fancy promises!

There’s not a day that does without me lamenting thus. Which is why, yesterday Indiblogger caught me by surprise when it dropped me a mail saying that I had exactly a day to try my hand at winning my lost love back. An all new transformed ASUS T100 the Ultraportable laptop that doubles up as a tablet, with 11 hours of battery life. Now that is what I call a dream come true.


I imagine how my life will be with ASUS T100 at my side. I could go anywhere and write. I could even carry on my work while traveling. I could read countless books in its user friendly reading more. And conveniently forget about power outages. That would be such a boost to my career, and to my confidence.


Dear T100, for long I have stayed away from you. Not any longer. I need you in my life to kindle my passion. I need you to be there when I reach for the skies. And soon, I will make you mine. Till then, all my efforts will be directed towards one and only goal. You.


This post was written for the Time To Transform contest conducted by ASUS India in association with Indiblogger. Wish me luck fellas!


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