Lessons Learned from Motherhood


No matter how independent you are, you can never not be your mother’s child. In the deepest confines of your heart, you still crave for her tender words, her hands ruffling your hair, or to rest your head on her bosom. You know you love her, but that’s not enough. Love multiplies when shared, and to add my own twist to it, when expressed. There is no harm in expressing your love to her, by the way of talking to her once in a while, letting her hear your voice, finding joy in hearing hers. There are too many of us today who are so busy with our professions and careers that we simply “forgot to call you Amma.” You can never be too busy for your own mother. All it takes is to pick up a phone and talk.


Read this and other lessons I learned from motherhood at – Lessons Learned

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