A to Z Challenge

So I decided to participate in the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge right on the 0th hour. Off late I have only been posting book reviews on my blog, and this would be a good impetus to churn up newer and imaginative posts. I think. And hope that I stay aboard till the 30th of April.

My posts for the challenge are going to be loosely strung around life, and my understanding of it. Quite a broad theme, I know, but having lived this life for a little over three decades, and approaching the date soon when I will be ticking off another year of my lifetime, I can see how my life-view has undergone changes over the years. There are a lot many years to come, and undoubtedly, my perception of life is going to continue to change. Yet, these posts might serve as a repository, or a bookmark if you may, as to where I stand today, when I look back decades later.

You can find all my posts here –

A – http://wp.me/p41m7G-uz

B – http://wp.me/p41m7G-uG

C – http://wp.me/p41m7G-uL

Happy Reading!


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