Best Days of My Life


Its amazing how time flies by. You keep running and running to keep up with the churning of your daily routine, you get lost many times in the trivial intricacies of the mundane, that you fail to notice how far you have come from where you began. It is when life puts a sudden break in the motion, that you are jolted out of the monotony, and turn back to be taken by surprise – at how the scenery around you has changed while you were running, and how slowly, but surely, your life itself has changed too.

It is in such moments of reminiscence that things that meant a great deal to you once, and that almost defined your existence come back to you. In all probability, those things and people do not enjoy the same relevance today, as they did all those years ago, yet, looking back at them always fills your heart with that fuzzy feeling, and leaves you contented that you enjoyed those moments while they lasted, or yearning that you did not enjoy them enough.

Today’s post is about the B for Best in my life, till now. For sometimes, it is necessary to turn back and thank those moments and people who have shaped you the way you are today.

Ambulu Madam

I remember her as much for her interesting name, as for her benevolent nature. She taught me English for just a couple of years, in grades 4 and 5, I think. Yet, she made an impression that has lasted for long in my heart. My most cherished moment with her is when she presented me with a small, abridged version of 5 of Shakespeare’s plays (The Tempest, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Othello, Macbeth, to be exact). The book was my first window to the world of Shakespeare, with which I fell in love instantly. Equally important to me was what she wrote on it – a token of appreciation for my meticulousness (and something else). That was the first time someone had used such a big word to praise me, and I held on to that page for many years.

Being a KVian

They say, once a KVian, always a KVian. I joined KV Ashok Nagar, Chennai, in my 4th grade, and stayed there till the 12th. While I remember constantly cribbing about something or the other while at school, it was only after coming out of the four walls of that institution that I realized how big a role my school played in my life. If I am the person who likes to lead and manage today, who likes to write and talk, who likes to go out and explore, it is my school that I have to thank for it. For while at school, we were exposed to so many activities, much more than what my peers at other schools were. We had innumerable ‘CCA activities’, and I was always taking part in elocution, poetry writing, essay writing, dancing, singing, drama, shipwreck (and making my mom a nervous wreck), JAM, and what not. I got to travel to various camps through being a part of the Girl Scouts Association, visited Shimla and Hyderabad with school contingents for ‘cultural exchange’ and National Science Congress. At that time, I thought these opportunities were my birthright, but only later did I realize, that I was very, very lucky to have been accorded them.

My Bangalore Days

Well, I reserved the best for the last. Till the end of my life, I will always reiterate that the 4 months I spent in Bangalore, while undergoing training at Infosys, my first company, are hands down the very best days of my life. For that was the time I first tasted independence, truly and in every sense of the world. That was the time I first came out of the protective cocoon of my parents’ guidance, and took my life into my own hands. That was the time I found the most amazing group of friends I have ever had, and who have stayed in touch across all barriers and distances, till today. It was like before Bangalore I was still happily nestled inside my egg, and those 4 months helped me crack that egg and come out. Those were, like the song goes, easily the best days of my life.


This post has been written as part of the A-Z Challenge. Do keep visiting this blog on more gyan on life and my perception of it, all this month.

11 comments on “Best Days of My Life

  1. Enjoyed this post. Once a KVian always a KVian..there’s something about it, proud to be one myself. I like the ‘best’ part of this post, its good to focus on the good in our lives which is full of chaos and drama.

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  2. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading this. I believe that sudden stops in our lives are necessary because if they weren’t there, we would never slow down, and therefore we would miss something very precious. Our best days begin with the sudden stops.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge 2015
    Patricia at Everything Must Change

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