A Blogger’s Success

Year 2030


The alarm clock in my mom’s phone goes off as it always does – at exactly 5 in the morning. She sets it in the hope that I will wake up along with her, but I only pull my sheets closer and try to continue my dream, as always. And again, as always, she doesn’t force me to get out of the bed. At least, not until 7, when she starts her sing song “Utho beta, its time to go to college…”. Almost like a cuckoo clock, where the cuckoo sings in a human voice. I sit on my bed, rubbing my eyes, trying to figure out what day it is and what is lined up for me today. And then I remember.

Yesterday night I chanced upon something I never knew existed. My mother’s blog. Well, I know she is a writer, having written some three books, of which two are said to be bestsellers. Said to be, yes, for I don’t know if they really are since I have not read any of them. No, not because they are written by Amma. I have nothing against her, and in fact I am proud that she has written those books. But I have never been much of a reader. I can hardly manage to flip through my course materials, reading for pleasure or hobby is a far off objective. Sports, adventure, games – they are my forte. Books, umm, uhh

Sitting in the Bullet train that will take me to my college, I turn on my Google glasses and bring up the long forgotten blog. There are entries from 2013 till 2020. Around the time I was a toddler. It is as if my birth brought about a spurt of creativity in her, because before 2010, the entries are very sparse, and between 2013 and 2016, there has been a huge upsurge in the activities. My eyes wander off to a section names Amma’s corner. Under that section, I find a number of posts, titles suggesting that they are all somehow related to me. I start reading them.

It is all there in those posts. What I did when I was so small, how my mother coped with parenting, the good times she had with me as a baby, her joys, her concerns, her anxiety, her rants, her aspirations. The posts, both on the Amma’s corner section and the others, bring about a different persona of Amma. I have always seen her as the fun lady who has stood by me no matter what. High on energy, but also highly sensitive. Sometimes unreasonably, sometimes silly, but my best friend. It is a revelation to read her thoughts from over a decade ago. She had moved on to a new blog sometime around 2022, and that blog contained posts only revolving about her ‘author’ persona. There were no more personal posts in the new blog.

The girl sitting next to me nudges me to point that we were at the last stop. I jump up with a start. I was supposed to have got down at the previous stop. I thank her as she is leaving, and put my glasses inside the satchel, before walking towards the platform where trains going in opposite directions will arrive. I wait for the next train to take me back to my college, feeling closer to my mother today that any other day. I want to rush to her and tell her, “I love you, ma“. When the next train arrives, I do just that, going all the way back home. She is surprised to see me back soon, even more to see the effulgence of emotions from a usually stoic person. I tell her about my discovery, and she is delighted to know that I read her writing. She has tears in her eyes, when I talk about the mommy posts. Wiping them, she tells me, “People used to comment on some of my posts and compliment me. I always thought the yardstick to measure the success of my blog was the number of people commenting and liking it. But today I know, what others say or don’t say, doesn’t matter. The very fact that you read them, and liked them, that my writing helped you understand the things that your father and me did, and has brought you closer to us, is enough. That is the biggest success my writing can achieve.”

I smother her in a big bear hug, putting my chin over her head to hide the tears of joy that are escaping my eyes.






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ASUS T100 – My Dream Companion

They say, you realize the importance of something only when it becomes inaccessible to you. That day, I was sitting so close to you, trying to judge you based on your capabilities and that of the other contenders. Compared to the attractive features others presented, you seemed less interesting to me. My confidante advised me not to go by fancy promises, and look for substance, but alas! My eyes were blinded with the rose colored world the other contenders seemed to offer. I ended up turning my back on you and falling for those charms.

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This April I, along with my husband and son, went on the vacation of my lifetime – A trip to Kashmir. The whole experience was out of the Earth. It is end of May, yet I still feel as if I returned only yesterday from Srinagar. I had been waiting to pen down the trip for some time now, and finally did it today, using Tripoto. Tripoto is a cool site where you can chronicle your travels, adding all the details and photos you want to, and share it with everyone in your network. The trips added here also serve to provide valuable and real information to those who aspire to take up similar trips, thereby aiding the travelers to help each other through the process. Continue reading

Whom Do You Blog For?

Many a time I wonder, should I call myself a long time blogger or a new one? For I have technically been blogging since 2005. My first blog – http://myexpressionsandme.blogspot.in/, was the first place I started publishing my stories and poems online. Stories that took shape from experience personal and external, poems based on prompts from CHN-Ink, a messaging board in my then company Infosys, which served as the creative outlet for Chennai based Infoscions. If you took a look at that blog, you would see how sporadic my posts were on it. Hardly one or two posts one year, or maximum five or six posts another year. Back then, I posted on my blog only for myself, Only to store online my writings, lest I lose them, especially after I quit Infy and joined another company. Continue reading

She Reads South Asia

2014 has been declared as the year of reading women. It is a tribute to not just those women who like to read, but also those, who are bringing about change, in some way or the other, through their written words. So what’s the big deal in women reading, or for that matter, writing, one may ask. Men too write. In fact, a report published in The Guardian says that there is a huge imbalance towards male writers, and female writers and reviewers often are at the receiving end of the bias. However, what goes unnoticed many times is that while male writers revolutionize the external world, women writers stir up storms inside our souls.

For women are like that, aren’t we. We value emotions, are very sensitive to feelings and expressions. We think, most of the times, through our heart. Our hearts melt much easily, and generally, women are more forthcoming when it comes to giving out love. It might sound cliched for it has been said so many times before, but I will still say it here, for it seems to make so much sense to me. God gave us the ability to bear children because of our compassionate nature. Not that men are not compassionate, or emotive, but for women, feelings and emotions and expressions come much more naturally and free flowing. No wonder then that a girl becomes a mother so naturally that one hardly notices the change.

And while to the outer world a woman can bring so much compassion and love, her inner world is a complex web of emotions. Layers of thoughts, some not even acknowledged, harboring happiness and grief in a confusing concoction. Myriad colors of character, their numerous hues giving her a beauty that is unique only to her.

It is all these complexities and colors that women writers bring into their words. A subtlety combined with vivaciousness, a  depth combined with gaiety,  a purpose combined with lightheartedness. And this year across the world, women writers and readers are being paid tribute to the richness they add to everyone’s lives.


Courtesy: Indireads

Starting tomorrow, International Women’s Day, Indireads will be reaching out to thousands of women across South East Asia, encouraging them  to support, discover and engage with women writers and their works. You can follow the events lined up on twitter using the hashtag #‎SheReadsSouthAsia‬. You can also like the FB page She Reads South Asia to keep track of all the exciting activities planned.

As a fledgling woman writer and an avid reader, I implore you all, women and men equally, to extend support to this initiative and help giving the South Asian Woman writers and readers the recognition they deserve.