Psyched Out

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up from a dream, and can’t shake it out of your head for the rest of the day? Well, I am having such a day today. It is 10 am now. Amol and Parag have left for school and work. The house is quiet after the hustle bustle of the morning routine. I settle back with a cup of coffee and the newspaper on the couch. It is time for my daily me time, before I get into the cleaning-cooking-washing routine. But today, my eyes just can’t seem to take in any words. The dream keeps playing over and over in my mind, and the images keep flashing in front of my eyes like a movie on loop.

It is surely one of the most bizarre dreams I have ever had. I cannot make head or tail of it now, but it still seems so real. Continue reading

Eloquently Yours

She looked at the jungle of words on the screen in front of her. She had been furiously nudging the keyboard for the past half hour, putting together word after word, pouring all that was ravaging her heart on to the email textbox. Now that she had exhausted the downpour, she scrolled up, surprising herself to find such a lengthy and verbose mail.

He is never going to read this. Never mind. She hovered the mouse over the ‘Discard Drafts’ button, before settling on Save and leaving it in the middle of scores of similar drafts languishing in her mailbox. All words and emotions she had wanted to express, but never could. Continue reading