How do You Steam Things Up? Ask Sundari!

As an author, writing intimate scenes, or describing the act of making love is part and parcel of your ‘writer-hood’. Although, I admit, I find it hard to write scenes that are deliciously intimate, and don’t sound vulgar or trashy. However, there is one author, who is also a wonderful online friend and an inspiration to me as to a lot of other authors, who cruises through these intimate scenes with such finesse and taste, that she amazes me every single time. She’s Sundari Venkataraman, author of three Amazon bestsellers, and many more lined up in the pipeline. I asked her, “Oh Sundari! Pray tell me how you do it? What’s the secret that turns your words into such a delight to read!” To which she has responded with this insightful and interesting guest post. So without much further ado, let me make way for the inimitable Sundari Venkataraman, who has agreed to grace my blog today with her guest post  Continue reading

The Window Seat

I look out of the wide Shatabdi window at the trees and fields running away from me. This is the first time I have been able to take in the scenery, ever since I boarded the train a couple of hours ago. Now that the sonny is serenely asleep in the seat beside me, I am free. For a little while, till he wakes up again. I look at the adjacent row of seats, where my husband tries to sleep, sandwiched between two other men. It would have been so good if we had gotten that row, with three seats, so we could sit together as a family. In fact, two of those seats are ours, but the third one was occupied by a man who, when we requested, refused to give up his seat and exchange it with us. He clung to his window seat, as a child, my son’s age would. Continue reading