7 H’s That Steer My Life


This post has been brewing in my head from yesterday, but a combination of hectic activity and total inactivity made sure I missed yesterday’s deadline. But, like the dialog of a Tamil movie goes, “we may be late, but are still latest.” So, without much further delay, here is my H post.

Like the title says, today I am going to talk about a few Hs that I live by. Or at least, try to.

Help – I must admit I am not able to help people as much as I would like to, but the one principle that always stays with me is – Help Ever, Hurt Never. I try to remember this whenever possible, and try to follow it in whatever way I can.

Heal – Time is a great healer. Whatever wrong you perceive has been done to you today, or you have done to someone, heals with time. in grave cases the wound might not go away completely, some hurt might remain for life. Yet, time mutes the sharpest of pains. Time heals. And it is better that way. You wouldn’t want to live through your life bogged down with buckets full of bitterness.

Health – When you have it, you ignore it. And when it fails, you run pillar to post to restore it. I have seen this happen time and again, with myself, with others. The last 5 months gave me sleepless nights over my health. It may be the oldest of cliches, but health definitely is wealth. For if you don’t have good health, you end up spending large portions of your wealth to restore it.

Head, Heart, Hand synchronization – Another policy I try to abide by, as much as possible. It is the synchronization of your mind, heart and action – thought, word and deed. Many a time we feel one thing, think another, and end up doing a completely different thing. Keeping head, heart and hand in sync helps you lead your life with as little regret and as much peace as possible.


Harness – Finally, harness the positivity around you. The world around us is filled with negativity, negative thoughts, emotions and deeds. Harsh words, cunning actions, seeing all this around you tend to make you lose the positive perspective on life. Try to ignore the negatives, and focus on the positive aspects. That is the only way you can move forward in the journey of life with light baggage.


This post has been written as part of the A-Z Challenge. Do keep visiting this blog on more gyan on life and my perception of it, all this month.