Fooling Around


Fooling Around

Do what the world does, we are told.

Eat with your right, clean with your left,

Wake up at dawn, shut eyes at dusk.

Go to school to learn, later work to earn,

Get married, have kids and

Last till you end up in the urn.


Most of us comply with the norm,

Fall in line with the rules.

We follow the herd, telling ourselves

We are guided by the unseen shepherd.

We live the same life that others live,

And disappear at the end into oblivion.


There are though, a few who stand out.

They toe the line, they question the norms.

They take the route never before taken

To reach destinations others have forsaken.

They care not for the herd, and believe

Their shepherd gives them the leave,

To discover their own meadows.


They get called names – lunatics and crazies,

And are accused of fooling around.

They are fools to think different, we say,

And that they are surely going to pay.

We are aghast at their blasphemy,

And laugh at their stupidity.


Yet history has shown time and again,

The fools are the ones who bring about change.

They transform lives with something brilliant,

Which was born in the first place,

Out of their foolishness.


They care two cents for acknowledgement,

And even less for the ridicule.

They chart their own course,

Whether it leads to success or failure,

They fear not.


So be a fool, today. Don’t hesitate. Do what you want to do, Dream, design and create. For your foolishness might pave way for the next greatest turning point in human history.


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