“This marriage cannot happen!”

Manu was taken aback at his father’s brusque statement. Rathinam┬áhad never raised his voice before, in front of Manu. Today though, not only had he almost screamed, but he looked like he had seen a ghost. Continue reading


A Review of “Love Stories That Touched My Heart”

The Dawn, a leading newspaper from Pakistan, has reviewed in detail the stories from the anthology “Love Stories That Touched My Heart”. Published by Penguin, this anthology is a collection of short romances selected through a contest by Ravinder Singh, the best selling author, who has also edited the book. Yours truly’s story May God Bless You Dear is also a part of this book, and has also been made into an e-single available on Amazon. It is amazing that even though it is more than a couple of years since the stories got published, we still continue to hear praises for them from time to time. Like the review in The Dawn today. Continue reading