About a month ago, this new channel appeared among the cluster of English movie channels on my Dish TV – Romedy Now. It was evident from the name that it was to carry romantic and comedy films. And instantly, it got me hooked to it. I gorged on mushy, slushy, moochy… (yeah, and whatever) romance whenever I found time. To the extent, that I started steeling myself away from all other work to watch the channel. I laughed and cried with Hugh Grant (Man! This guy is all over romantic movies), Ashton Kutcher (so is this one), Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker… the whole lot.

The husband, he initially let me watch some movies without interfering, but soon was trying to pry away the remote from my hands to switch channels. And more often than not he would land on Iron Man or Dark Knight or Final Destination or Mission Impossible, though we have watched every part of each of these series like about a hundred times. If I tried to point that out to him, he would reason back telling the romantic movies are boring.

What is it with men that they don’t like terms like ‘romance’ or ’emotions’? After all, it is they who hold our hands in dim-lit restaurants and go all gooey eyed when they let us know how much they love us. It is they who hold that first child (and every child after that) in their unsure arms and blink the moisture out of their eyes to take a better look at the wonder they have given birth to. When they do deal with emotions in real life, why can they not stand them in movies?

Not just my husband, I have seen many of my male friends too trying to act all rough and tough and making fun of romance or emotional scenes in the movies. And I guess the story is same everywhere. In fact, the scores of literature I have come across about why men are from Mars and women are from Venus attest the fact that men like to hide their emotions and scarcely acknowledge them in themselves, leave alone in others, especially the unreal stories in movies.

We women, our hearts melt when a man broods over his dead wife, or a daughter tries to come to terms with her mother’s drinking problem. Somehow, watching the joys and sorrows of others takes our minds off those of our own, whereas, men think, why watch others woes when we have a fair share of our own? Maybe that is how things work in Mars and Venus. Don’t be surprised if NASA releases these findings soon from their explorations in these two planets…

For now though, I am back to watching Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, looking out for the odd romantic movie that gets aired in HBO or Star Movies or PIX or Movies Now. For sadly, like all good things that come to an end too soon, Romedy Now is no more a free channel. Frankly I am in no mood to subscribe to it because it was fast becoming an addiction. Still, it was good while it lasted, and definitely way better than the Raktha Charithra my husband insists on watching every now and then!

Martians Vs. Venusians

2 comments on “Martians Vs. Venusians

  1. I thought people tried to find in movies what they did not in real life 🙂 Since women make men feel romantic, men probably do not need to seek them in movies – and seek action instead which they dare not try in real life 🙂 And, men are so bad at making women feel romantic that women need movies to make them feel that way 🙂


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