Be You

Why do you despair, oh little flower,

Searching the milling crowds around you

Hoping to find that elusive bliss,

When all the while, don’t you know,

That what you look for without,

Exists right within you?

You are all that you ever needed,

You are all that you will ever need.

Pine not, my tender heart,

Waste not your precious pearls,

On a world that fears the expanse,

Of your open heart, of your myriad hues.

They see you through the shades of their lives,

So they see the you, they want to see,

And not the you, you want them to see.

The only one that truly deserves you, my love,

If you didn’t already know, is you.

You are all that you ever needed,

You are all that you will ever need.

So lie still, oh delicate heart,

Don’t fling and flail your limbs,

Against the torrents of life.

Lie still, and let the Tsunami wash over you.

For don’t you know, when the hurricane strikes,

It is the tallest tree, and the proudest pole,

That gets uprooted, while the humble leaves,

Sail along in bliss, intact, in the nature’s lap.

Lie still, and let the current guide you along,

Soak in the experience,

Take in the joy of your own company, for my dear,

You are all that you ever needed,

You are all that you will ever need.

By Yamini Vijendran Posted in Songbird

From Deep Within

The pregnant sky smiles down at me
Water ready to break any moment.
The Expectant Earth looking up with yearning,
Ready to be drenched, in love’s descent.

As the drops rush in eagerness,
To meet their love, long lost,
I look on, my desire-filled heart,
Filled far too much to exhaust.

I watch the rain caress the parched earth,
Gently softening the hardened soil,
Stones melting into mushy slush,
As if from the warmth of a lover’s foil.

Stuff fairytales are made of,
I shake myself back to reality,
But the die hard romantic inside me
Just refuses to accept this banality.

One day, some day,
My thirst will be quenched too,
My quest achieved, destiny fulfilled,
And all my dreams will come true.

By Yamini Vijendran Posted in Songbird

A Damsel in Wait

I set every dusk,
And rise every dawn,
Only to see her,
Standing alone.

Who is she waiting for,
What is she looking for,
Oh, damsel in wait,
Lost in thought, very far.

I hope your patience pays,
And flowers in your life bloom
I hope your dreams come true,
And drive away all gloom.

By Yamini Vijendran Posted in Songbird

Keeping Quiet


How do you stop the mynah from singing?

How do you stop the peacock from dancing?

How do you drain up the rain in the clouds?

How do you suck the life out of a soul?



Relationships are meant to add to your life,

Yet why does ours barely manage to keep me alive?

Little by little, taking away who I am,

And leaving behind an empty shell.

Changing me from a chatterbox to a recluse,

Weeding away friends, cutting bonds loose.

Smirking when I forge a friendship,

As if I am a low being.

Going for my self-esteem,

While with high morality you preen.

I accept when you withdraw into your shell,

Thinking, keeping to ourselves is just as well.

Although my heart craves for companionship and gaiety,

To have a laughter riot, that you call insanity.

For you don’t care for external support.

For you, you and me suffice.

You and me are great together,

But my love, you and me are not enough.

We are trees in a grove, not cactus in desert,

We need others around us to grow.

But until you realize this truth of our lives,

Parched for the elixir of company,

I continue keeping quiet,

A mute spectator,

As I forget who I once was,

And don’t remember,

Who I am anymore.

 This post has been written as part of the A-Z Challenge. Do keep visiting this blog on more gyan on life and my perception of it, all this month.

Fooling Around


Fooling Around

Do what the world does, we are told.

Eat with your right, clean with your left,

Wake up at dawn, shut eyes at dusk.

Go to school to learn, later work to earn,

Get married, have kids and

Last till you end up in the urn.


Most of us comply with the norm,

Fall in line with the rules.

We follow the herd, telling ourselves

We are guided by the unseen shepherd.

We live the same life that others live,

And disappear at the end into oblivion.


There are though, a few who stand out.

They toe the line, they question the norms.

They take the route never before taken

To reach destinations others have forsaken.

They care not for the herd, and believe

Their shepherd gives them the leave,

To discover their own meadows.


They get called names – lunatics and crazies,

And are accused of fooling around.

They are fools to think different, we say,

And that they are surely going to pay.

We are aghast at their blasphemy,

And laugh at their stupidity.


Yet history has shown time and again,

The fools are the ones who bring about change.

They transform lives with something brilliant,

Which was born in the first place,

Out of their foolishness.


They care two cents for acknowledgement,

And even less for the ridicule.

They chart their own course,

Whether it leads to success or failure,

They fear not.


So be a fool, today. Don’t hesitate. Do what you want to do, Dream, design and create. For your foolishness might pave way for the next greatest turning point in human history.


This post has been written as part of the A-Z Challenge. Do keep visiting this blog on more gyan on life and my perception of it, all this month.