Does Your Child Take An Afternoon Nap?

Who doesn’t like a short afternoon siesta? Especially after downing a meal, when the eyes start getting heavy, and avert the computer screen no matter how you force them to get back to work, lying down on that coach for a quick wink seems to be so tempting isn’t it?


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2 comments on “Does Your Child Take An Afternoon Nap?

  1. My little one does sleep on most days in the afternoons, and on the odd occasion that she doesn’t, she is not quite herself especially in the last few waking hours before dinner time. As for whether it is right or wrong, and whether it matters if kids go hungry for 10 hrs or more, my take is this, kids know best as to when to have food and when to go to sleep and left to their own schedules, they will do whatever their little bodies instruct them to do. As long as they are Ok on the vital parameters of height, weight and other normal things, just let them be…


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