This April I, along with my husband and son, went on the vacation of my lifetime – A trip to Kashmir. The whole experience was out of the Earth. It is end of May, yet I still feel as if I returned only yesterday from Srinagar. I had been waiting to pen down the trip for some time now, and finally did it today, using Tripoto. Tripoto is a cool site where you can chronicle your travels, adding all the details and photos you want to, and share it with everyone in your network. The trips added here also serve to provide valuable and real information to those who aspire to take up similar trips, thereby aiding the travelers to help each other through the process.


So click here to read on about my trip to Kashmir, and do not forget to let me know what you thought of it. I would also be glad to share with you any other info (that I am able to provide) that you may want. Happy Kashmiring!


3 comments on “Romancing the Snow in Kashmir

  1. I really like your post.
    I’m a Kashmiri Pandit but its sad i havnt ever visited Kashmir. How did u find the place and how safe is it now ?


    • Its quite safe akriti. There is enough security and huge number of tourists go there. Even single women or all women groups. I mean, its that safe. And our houseboat manager and driver were very cordial and helpful. You should visit sometime.


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