From Deep Within

The pregnant sky smiles down at me
Water ready to break any moment.
The Expectant Earth looking up with yearning,
Ready to be drenched, in love’s descent.

As the drops rush in eagerness,
To meet their love, long lost,
I look on, my desire-filled heart,
Filled far too much to exhaust.

I watch the rain caress the parched earth,
Gently softening the hardened soil,
Stones melting into mushy slush,
As if from the warmth of a lover’s foil.

Stuff fairytales are made of,
I shake myself back to reality,
But the die hard romantic inside me
Just refuses to accept this banality.

One day, some day,
My thirst will be quenched too,
My quest achieved, destiny fulfilled,
And all my dreams will come true.

By Yamini Vijendran Posted in Songbird

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