Why I am the Way I am


One’s life is the most interesting piece of fiction one will ever encounter in his or her lifetime. For in life, as in a novel, or a short story, there will be numerous twists and turns, and you will never know when which twist will completely change the face of your life and the direction of your journey.

When I won my first story writing competition in, I think, my 5th grade, I used to tell everyone who asked, that I wanted to become a teacher. An English teacher, to be precise. I was in love with the language even then, and more importantly, I was completely awed by my English teachers. They way they spoke, their diction, made me completely besotted with the language. I spent hours after school scribbling poems on my rough notes. I participated in speech competitions, essay competitions and anything else that had the slightest inkling of English in it.

I have always been an arts person, preferring classical dance over sports, and literature over video games. That probably should have been my way, but then, the proverbial ‘competition’ sucked me in, and before I realized, there I was, sitting in an Engineering college, poring over books on ‘Instrumentation and Control’. If you see, my life’s journey is replete with unexpected twists and turns all along. I majored in biology in my 12th grade, then became and Instrumentation and Control Engineer, before entering into IT and working on Mainframes technologies for the next 7 years.

All along, the writer, the English lover in me used to pop up once in a while, but remained accessible only to a limited audience. I maintained a small blog that no one read, and I updated it with my stories, poems and rants whenever the inspiration struck. When my marriage was solemnized, I introduced my husband to that blog, in an attempt to impress. And impressed he was, to the extent, that he was the primary source of impetus for me to get into full-time writing. That happened when my kiddo came along and I bid a goodbye to the IT career.

And now, here I am, a couple of published short stories and poems, a romantic novella and a dozen freelance assignments old. What better time than this to give a fresh start to my blogging practice! This blog has been created with that purpose – to give a vent to my creative cravings and itching and to bestow upon you the blessings (or bane) of my enlightening words! I do hope you will like most, if not all, of what I scribble here. I will be glad to listen to what you have to say about my posts.

Happy Reading!


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